Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Mars Volta! This concert was sooo awesome! Posted by Hello

Omg I think I'm in loooove! Haha Keith will you marry me? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Monday, April 04, 2005

Ohhh this is the life!

Things have been wonderful lately in my life! Jimmy is the greatest guy in the whole world and we've had so much fun together lately. We're like a REAL couple haha what a change from whatI'm used to! We go grocery shopping together and stay together all the time and we go to the park together to ride bikes and walk our dogs and we go just about everywhere together! My rents are outta town for the weekend starting wednesday night so we're havin a party for our friend lorenzo that finally got outta the hospital after his motorcycle accident! Its gonna be a damn fun weekend and I can't wait! Tomorrow I've got class til about 11 then jimmy and I are gonna do yard work at the shelter for the afternoon then hopefully go to dinner with my family. This saturday we're havin a huge spring fling at the shelter and its gonna be a huge blast so we've got a hell of alotta planning to do for that. I saw Kace-a-damn-diaz the other day and we went to starbucks and had some green tea...well I did haha! We had a chit chat about life and whatnot and I was so excited to see her! I needed a normal friend back in my life and Kac seemed to do the trick! Shes just about the only who has always been there from the beginning it seems even in our bad times so thats a good feeling! We are planning on starting dance classes sooon cause we both wanna dance and we're thinkin hip hop cause that'd be tons of fun not to mention a damn good workout! I've been looking at apartments and I hoping the big move is gonna be soon cause driving back and forth everyday to BFE is getting really old plus I'm definetly ready to move on from good 'ole Sv even though there were tons of good memories there. I feel like I'm still in hs living out here so I think just living in SA is gonna be a great change for me. Then theres my other option which is when jimmy buys his house I move in with him. We've been talkin bout that for quite a while now but who knows where life will take me haha. Things are always changing but ALWAYS for the better in the long run no matter what! Well I guess thats all for now so until nextime...goodbye my loooooooooooove!!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ahhh life...

Well well well lets see what else is new...School is kicking my butt because I'm always damn exhausted from school and play for now. Hopefully the job downtown goes through okay and I move out on my own soon. I can't wait for that! Jimmy took me to Gordon's jewelers in the mall and I chose 3 necklaces that I wanted and I get to be surprised on valentines day! I can say anything I want on here because Jimmy can't read this so I'll let you all know what I bought him for V-day! He lost his oakleys last week so I got him a $150 oakley gift card and then I went to build a bear and got him the cutest bear ever! Its soooo aadorable and looks just like him...well almost! I'm so crazy excited about getting diamonds! No one has ever gotten me such a special gift...well then again I guess thats because I've always dated pretty immature losers in the past. Haha no offense to anyone there! I guess since Jimmy is 27 and will be 28 in March he is much more mature and stable. He works at an animal shelter with me during the day and at the airport at night for National Aviation Services! He just got a new truck and we went to sign all the papers and whatnot last night! Its a dark blue ford f-150 fx4 and its sooo nice. Not to mention he looks soooo hot driving it! We are going to the rodeo to see rascal flatts on valentines day or as jimmy likes to call them "rascal sucks" but thats only because he cannot stand country music but says he is going so that it will be a special night for me because I deserve it! Aww what a keeper he is! Well thats about it for now so until next tim... PTFO!

Friday, February 04, 2005

The times are changing

Hmm lets see whats happened lately...I went back to school at UTSA and everything is going great! My life is finally back on track and I'm hanging out with my best friends again! I'm also dating a really great guy named Jimmy with whom I spend most of my time with! Casey and I are friends again which is awesome since we've both completly turned our lives around. Hopefully I'll be getting a new job downtown and moving into an apt near Kaci so we can party all the time haha! I got a new puppy named Mackenzie since I've been volunteering/working at an animal shelter which has been a blast! Well thats all I can think of for now so until next time...goodbye my looooove!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

What a crazy life...

Its been a while since I've written anything in here because my internet isn't working at the moment and hasnt been for quite a while now. Lets see...things have actually been great! I worked at washington mutual for 3 weeks and made lots of great friends! We go out to the bar & go dancing every wednesday night and I looooove it! I'm currently looking for another job to make lots money to keep up with my expensive grooming nails, hair, and shopping every damn day! I've been gettin' drug tested every week and come out flyin high with a BIG FAT NEGATIVE every time. I'm so proud of myself for sticking with this and staying clean for what 3 months now!?! Unlike those other hypocrites who continue with their nasty habits & continue being STUPID HYPOCRITES! I've met some new guys but not anyone who I'd wanna make a lifetime commitment to...I'm just young & havin' fun cause who needs love at 18? NOT ME! I'll be turnin' 19 on sunday...woooo weeee I can't wait although nothin' fun really happens at 19 its still somethin to celebrate! Well thats all for now guys cause I've got places to go things to do and people to see!!! Love you guys!